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Building repair and restoration

We love working on old buildings, we like the challenge these give and, just as importantly, we like working with our clients and teams to transform older buildings.

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.”

Le Corbusier

About our building repair and restoration services

Buildings (unfortunately) don’t look after themselves, we all must invest in the conservation of our older buildings whether this be houses, cottages, tenements, offices, churches, university buildings, schools or colleges.

We can identify what works are needed in the short term and those works which you can programme for a later date to ensure you maintain the asset value of the property. We can help you with a detailed building condition survey before you purchase a property, we can also help with any repairs to your building including tenement repairs where there is a need to organise joint repairs.

We always include budget costs within our reports and these are based on our experience of ‘real’ projects which we are managing on behalf of our clients.

Got a Question?

There’s something wrong with my property.

You may have a problem with your property such as water ingress, concerns about the condition of the stonework or brickwork to your property, or a similar defect which will require the services of a Chartered Building Surveyor to investigate and diagnose what the underlying problem is and recommend how best to fix this in the most cost-effective manner. We assist with many such projects ranging from minor defects to larger projects involving comprehensive restoration and conservation of buildings.

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We can help you with fixing anything that’s wrong with your building.

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