Our Services

We can help you with fixing anything that’s wrong with your building, helping you organise and run your project and provide you with the professional and technical support you need. It may be that you only need us for a few hours of our time or you may want us to work with you to deliver a major project, whatever your building and construction requirements we are here to help.


We have surveyed many types of buildings including traditionally built tenements, offices, churches and university buildings. When we do a survey, we always ask what you wish us to include and if you want us to provide budget costs in your report. In our experience, without the budget costs we find that the survey may not give you the clear direction that you need.

architectural design

We provide architectural design services to our clients for minor alterations. If you have a larger project such as a new build, we work with a range of architects and have developed good working relationships with other professionals to ensure projects can be delivered on time and on budget.

project management

We can help you to manage your project – it might be just a light touch or full project management. All projects are different so please get in touch and let’s see if we can work together.

building repair and restoration

Buildings (unfortunately) don’t look after themselves, we all must invest in the conservation of our older buildings whether this be houses, cottages, tenements, offices, churches, university buildings, schools or colleges. We can identify what works are needed in the short term and those works which you can programme for a later date to ensure you maintain the asset value of the property. We can help you with a detailed building condition survey before you purchase a property, we can also help with any repairs to your building including tenement repairs where there is a need to organise joint repairs. We always include budget costs within our reports and these are based on our experience of ‘real’ projects which we are managing on behalf of our clients.

Our affordable pricing guide

Like most professional services, it’s not that easy to state definite prices because it very much depends on what you wish us to do. As a general guide, the cost to undertake a building inspection is £250.00 + VAT, to survey a tenement and provide costs and recommendations for owners is £800.00 + VAT. To manage projects for clients, it is usual to charge a percentage fee, this varies from around 8% for a tenement conservation project down to around 2% for quantity surveying services.

Who you need to talk to

Please phone our office and we can see if we can help you. We also have a contact page if you prefer to drop us an email.

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We can help you with fixing anything that’s wrong with your building.

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